Our Approach

Every situation is unique, and it will be tailored to match individual needs.  It all starts with a get-acquainted meeting in which we find out your needs.  After the initial session, a general template of coaching modules can include:

  • Are you suited to make a living as a part-time CFO?
  • How you get started
  • Networking for clients
  • Your successful pitch - client's point of pain
  • Pricing your time

Our Story

I made a good living as a part-time CFO for nearly 7 years.  During that time I learned what worked and what didn't.  Throughout that whole time, and in the several years since I left, I've counseled CFO's who are considering this as a career change.  Mostly over coffee or lunch, so a quick burst of advice.  A few are successfully making a living now, many are onto other career paths.

But it got me wondering - if I could impart what I know over a series of interactions over time, I can improve the likelihood of success.  I have also written a book, slated to be published Q1 2017.

Meet the Team

Write something about the people who make your business go or your philosophy behind customer service.
Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.


Tom Schultz

Founder & CEO

After 15 years as CFO growing a packaging company, helped the owner sell the business, then embarked on a journey of "full-time" part-time CFO work.  Co-founded NextGen CFO in 2010 in Greensboro, NC - which now has 13 professionals serving over 100 client companies.

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